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Updates on Local Accommodations for Reunion Weekend

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We’ve heard from several classmates who are looking for uniquely “Aiken” accommodations — that is, a B&B or historic inn with lots of character and charm. We’ve also heard that the accommodations in Aiken are booking-up fast for the reunion weekend, which falls on Memorial Day weekend. If you’ve not yet made reservations, be sure to check the “Local Accommodations” links here on our blog, which include links to over 2 dozen local motels, hotels, bed & breakfasts and historic inns.

In addition to these choices, there are often local vacation rentals available to the many folk who come to Aiken for horse shows, the Triple Crown and the Masters.  Below are a few internet sites that feature these rentals. We’ll keep our ear to the ground for more news and will update this list as information becomes available. Note that, if you don’t find something today on the first 3 links below, check again tomorrow and the next day, as these lists are often updated.


UPDATE FROM WEBMASTER, LAURA: For those of you who have not visited Aiken in many years, and are looking for the best locations, I can offer a few tips.

  • First, if you click on one of the links at the right under “Local Accommodations,” you’ll find a link for “maps” beside the name of each motel or inn. Click on the word “map” and you’ll find (in addition to the map directions) customer reviews for many of these motels and inns. Some places get glowing reviews, while others consistently get negative reviews. Of course, these can vary from year to year according to management changes. The customer reviews on these pages can also be helpful for learning more about the cleanliness, comfort, courtesy and convenience of any given establishment.
  • I mean no offense to the motels on Richland Avenue but, as a local, I can attest that several of these — including the Hotel Aiken in-town (formerly the Commercial Hotel) — are frequented by party activities, which can equate to a lot of noise and hubbub. If you are wanting to ensure a quieter stay, a better bet would be to avoid the Richland Avenue motels. All of the motels/hotels on the Motels/Hotels: In & About Aiken page are on the southside, except for those with Richland Avenue addresses.
  • Based on the experience of my own out-of-town family members, I can offer positive reviews on two of the inns on Aiken’s southside  — the Hilton Garden Inn and Country Inns & Suites. Both are large inns with 3 or 4 stories and upwards of perhaps 100 rooms each, so there should still be plenty of openings for reservations. The Hilton Garden Inn is centrally located amidst the Aiken Mall, the Regal Cinema and the Publix shopping center, whereas the Country Inns & Suites is in a quieter country setting, just past College Acres.
  • Any of the southside motels should be a good bet. Some are newer than others and some may offer more amenities than others. When you click on the “Local Accommodations” pages (to the right) you’ll find links to the websites for each of these establishments, where you can find more info. If you have any questions, I’ll be glad to try to find answers. Drop me a line at our Contact page and I’ll get right back to you.
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